Football Pick ‘Em


Week 13 – Click here to enter your picks

Week 12- Winner – LIZZY

Week 11 – Winner – Tie between Neal McCarty and Tucker Pettigrew

Week 10 – Winner – Fred Harding

Week 9 – Winner – Tie between Mark Newberry and Travis Newton

Week 8 – Winner – Jeremiah Young

Week 7 – Winner –  Jessica Young

Week 6 – Winner – Mark Newberry

Week 5 – Winner – Katie Phifer

Week 4 – Winner – Nick Arant

Week 3 – Winner – Trey Ambrose

Week 2 – Winner – Nick Collins

Week 1 – Winner – Mark Newberry


INTRODUCING…..The Island News Pick ‘Em Contest

College Football season is back! The Island News wants to get in on the action and get some local people competing to see who knows college football best!

It is free to enter, and it will be a friendly fun tournament for everyone to participate in. After the national championship game, the winner will be announced. Our staff will choose 10 games per week at our discretion, depending on schedules, big games, rivalries and championships. Every week, we will post the teams, spreads, and our picks in Thursday’s paper. You will have until 11:45AM on each Saturday to place your picks for that week.

Each game is worth one point with the national championship being worth ten points. The person with the most points after the National Champs are crowned wins the whole thing. We will also announce a 2nd place and 3rd place winner. If the season ends in a tie, we will have a tiebreaker (total points of the national title game). Whoever is closest will be crowned the winner.  At the end of the year, whoever has the best winning percentage will win a round of golf for 4 at a local golf course! So here goes nothing!

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