Mommy Makeover Contest


April 28, 2011

Here are the five finalists selected from all the beautiful, heartfelt entries we received. There are so many deserving moms, this was not an easy choice! But these amazing women earned a spot at the top, and once you read their stories, you’ll understand why. You may vote for your Favorite Mom until May 3. Just follow the link:

We will announce the winner in next week’s issue — just in time for Mother’s Day.

The winning mom’s makeover will include hair color, cut and style from Salon 10; make-up and a mani/pedi from Aqua Med Spa; an outfit from Grace & Glory; teeth whitening from Palmetto Smiles; a massage from The Beaufort Day Spa; a complimentary loyalty card from Habersham Marketplace; a free week of the belly blaster program from EarthFIT; and dinner for two at Southern Graces Bistro.


 My mother Catherine Gaines,  67, is a retired school teacher.  She taught second and third grades for 32 years in three school districts (Rock Hill School District, Dade County School District and Beaufort County School District).  She retired while at Red Cedar Elementary here with the Beaufort County School District in December 2009. Since retirement, she has now adjusted to assisting as a caregiver for her elderly parents. Her dad, William Goff, 89, suffers from Parkinson’s disease and her mother, Willie Mae Goff, 86, suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Effortlessly, my mother arrives at their house daily to dispense medicine, prepare meals, clean rooms/clothing as necessary and basically support both of her parents through verbal motivation and a touch of her own personal love and affection for her parents.

I think a makeover would help her value her situation as my one-and-only beautiful mother, as well as keep her feeling wonderful about her appearance. She has always successfully selected clothing and makeup well. I think a makeover would revive my mother and keep her spirits high during her busy days.

Kind regards,

Marius S. Payne



My name is Captain Geoff “El Gato” Franks. I am a pilot with the Werewolves of VMFA-122, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I would respectfully like to nominate my wife, Andrea Franks, for your very generous and impactful recognition of deserving mothers. All mothers are special, as we know, and every single mother out there who loves her children deserves all the recognition in the world for the sacrifices they make. And, therefore, my hat is off to whomever you choose to honor with this wonderful gift.

However, and I’ll admit total bias from the start, I feel my wife is very deserving of your recognition. Not only is she a loving, supportive, and loyal wife of almost nine years, not to mention my best friend, she is also the unbelievable mother of our twin daughters, Claire and Isabelle. Twins are a blessing and I thank God everyday for twice the joy most have — at the same time. However, they are A LOT of work. As if having twins wasn’t challenging enough, I deployed to Iraq for seven months a month after they were born.

Two moves later — from Beaufort to northern Virginia and back — while managing our rental property, raising our blossoming children, and facing all of the challenges of being the wife of a Marine officer, Andrea made the choice to further her education and pursue a master’s degree from USC. Almost a year later, while earning straight As, Andrea has decided to contribute even more to our family. This fall, while balancing the challenges of being a supportive wife to a deployed Marine officer, mother of twin girls, and pursuing a master’s degree, she will also be teaching fourth grade full-time at Beaufort Academy. Let me assure you, this is by far more than I could ever handle on my plate and she amazes me to no end.

So, while my hat is off to all mothers out there, I would like to humbly, but proudly, nominate my wife, Andrea Franks. She is without a doubt a Super Mom and I love her with all my heart. Thank you for your consideration.


Geoff Franks

Captain, USMC



My name is Brittany Molzer and I am currently working teaching children in China, thanks to my MOM. She told me about this contest and, although I am not there with her, I wanted to enter her anyway because this is something I can do for her.

This is a woman who does for everyone except herself.  She is actually my step-mom, but she raised me since I was about 2-years-old. I also have a brother who is her biological child who has autism. She is an exceptional, amazing person She helped me get through school, then college and still supports me every step of the way since I have been here since August of 2010.

Joann runs her own business from home, takes care of my brother, cooks, cleans the house and also advocates for other parents when their children are diagnosed with autism. She is involved with her community and helps raise money for walk-for-autism so my brother can continue his therapy that insurance does not pay for.  She sends me packages once a month with lots of goodies from home. She never takes time for herself. And now she is helping to take care of my uncle who just had triple bypass surgery.  She is an around-the-clock mom.

My mom needs a day off. She would laugh at that and say there’s no such thing, but I really want her to have this. She has always been there for me and if this is something I could give to her just to tell her how much I love her and miss her from half way around the world, then so be it.  She rocks and to me she is a 24/7 mom who truly deserves this and more.

Thank you,




I would like to nominate Michelle Morgan for your Mommy Makeover contest. Michelle is an accountant by profession and she and her husband, Dan, have eight children. The dad is the Beaufort County MIS/GIS Director.

Michelle is the best mother and the most amazing, organized person I have ever witnessed in action. Her youngest are twin boys — aged 7, I think — and her eldest is an 18-year-old high school senior.

Michelle runs a tight ship and her children are her resume. They are the best behaved, most polite kids I’ve ever known. I do not think any of them has received anything below a C on their report cards, and a C is a rarity. They all pitch in to keep their rooms clean, do dishes and homework. As you may know, it is easier for a mom to “just do it herself” rather than teach her children how to take care of things, but Michelle takes the time to show them how to care for their rooms and clothing. Their home is tidy and Michelle really knows how to cook delicious, nutritious meals. She even manages to prepare enormous spreads for her husband’s special work events. Michelle has no time for herself and is completely selfless. She really deserves to be pampered.

The Morgan children always impress people with their behavior. In fact, Allyson, the eldest, just won several scholarships to college, including a Heritage scholarship, and is at the top of her Battery Creek High School graduating class. Every Monday night is family night at the Morgan home. The parents assign projects for group presentation to the family. One child, for example, recently did a presentation on “honesty.” They also have discussion topics and play games.

Thank you for your consideration of Michelle Morgan.

Suzanne Larson



So, let’s talk about my Mom.

Her name is Cherryl Daring. Secretary for SCE&G by day, superwoman 24/7.

My mom has given my sister, Andrea, 16, and myself, 20, everything we could ever hope for.

She and my dad struggled to put us through private school at Thomas Heyward Academy instead of enrolling us in Ridgeland’s public schools. I believe that was one of the best decisions they ever made for us. They weren’t selfish parents and they did all that they could to give us the best education possible, which often meant working long hours.

My mom is such a “superwoman” because in between working, there was never a day that Andrea and I didn’t have lunch money or clean clothes. She taught us the best life lessons that there were to know. She really molded us to be the (what I consider) great women we are today.

My mom has always sacrificed her time and her wants for my sister and me. I promise you that if you were to look in her closet, you’ll find clothing that is more than 10-years-old. I kid you not. She’s always made sure that Andrea makes it to each and every softball practice and that she has a bottle of her favorite Gatorade nearby. Mom sacrifices her weekends to travel all over the state for Andrea’s games.

For me, mom makes sure that all of my financial aid forms are filled out before each semester and that I’m that much closer to becoming a college graduate. Oh, speaking of college graduate, my mom got her degree from USCB about five years ago.

I remember coming home from school and my mom coming home from work. She asked me, “Amy, I need help with my Spanish homework.” She worked so hard to do well and when she received her degree, I couldn’t have been more proud.

When my life is crazy and stressful, my mom puts aside her crazy and stressful life to listen to me ball my eyes out while I’m driving to the next job.

My mom deserves the “Mommy Makeover” because I know that the outside should match her beauty inside. She’s the most wonderful woman ever. She’s so patient and loving. When she meets people, she welcomes them with open arms. When my boyfriend harasses her and calls her his “mother-in-law” she smiles, wipes the sweat off of her brow, and picks back at him.

She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she’ll do anything for anyone. She truly does have the biggest heart.

I know that she deserves this. I even once entered her in TLC’s “What Not to Wear” because I know that if she had a makeover, then she’d truly look the way she acts towards people. Her wardrobe and her hair just needs an update!

Please, please, please consider her!

Amy Daring

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