Beaufort Remembers Gary Fordham

Councilman Gary Fordham

Beaufort City Councilman Gary Fordham, who battled multiple sclerosis for almost two decades, died Friday, April 22, in his home. A native Beaufortonian, Fordham served on Beaufort City Council since 1999 and also served for 16 years on the Beaufort County Council. The flag in Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park was flown at half-staff in honor of his passing. Mayor Billy Keyserling said, “Gary Fordham was one of the most courageous human beings I have ever known. Though stricken for years with a deadly disease,  Gary moved forward with his head high fulfilling his responsibility to the City and the citizens who re-elected him overwhelmingly year after year. Gary attended council meetings, participated with vigor in his own way and was well studied on the issues.  He tenaciously embraced positions that mattered, had no fear for ‘telling it like it was’ and in doing so served the people very well. Gary leaves a legacy of dedication to public service and personal courage for many of us to follow and, notwithstanding his health handicap, he will be a very difficult act to follow.”

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