Tony Criscitiello
Director of Beaufort County Planning Department

Mr. Criscitiello assumed his present position as Director of Planning for Beaufort County in 2000. Prior to his arrival in Beaufort County his professional experience included service in the Governor’s Office with the Local Government Assistance Division, the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Government and Planning Director for the City of North Augusta. Since his arrival in Beaufort County, he has guided the initial implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, the 5 year review of the Comprehensive Plan, the development of the Southern Beaufort County Regional Plan, the Northern Regional Plan, the rewriting of the entire County Comprehensive Plan and is presently guiding the transition of existing zoning codes toward the use of a form based code. He has been requested to include in his discussion with our members the following items.

– Has the Northern Regional Plan improved the manner in which growth is guided?
– From a Beaufort County planning perspective what were the biggest failures and successes in the last decade?
– What is a form based code and why is its adoption being promoted.
– What effect will form based code have on Lady’s Island?
– Are the annexation wars a thing of the past?
– Is Beaufort County ready for the next growth surge?

Meeting: Tuesday, April 12, 8 AM
Beaufort Realtor’s Association Headquarters – Palmetto Business Park, Lady’s Island Drive
Invite your friends and neighbors.
Open to the public


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