A Head Full of Heart Turned into A Heart Full of Gold

By Cherimie Crane


Pete Olsson


Today’s perception of a typcial high school student is akin to the economy. Everyone has a definition, a theory, and a story. With their heads tucked inches from an Ipad, their fingers in full attack mode of a text, and cloaked in the latest fashion of indifference, the portrayal is in a dim, unflattering light.



Truth is, the entire world is swarmed with energetic, positive, dedicated teens with a social conscience that is far deeper than fashion and folly. They have somehow maintained precious optimism with views and ideas certain to cure the symptoms of a world sick with doubt.



Lief Kopperneas gives Pete Olsson a new hair cut called “The Friar.”

This week I met Pete Olsson who not only is president of the Beaufort Academy Student Body Government, but an all around goal achieving young man. In discussing what might have been a Hoops For Hearts fundraiser he chose to alleviate the stress of planning, logistics, and expense it may take to take on such a project. His solution was simple, meaningful, and pure brilliance.



Pete has a head full of hair; well he did before Wednesday. He challenged his fellow students to donate money to the American Heart Association in exchange for their chance to determine the fate of his locks! The students made posters depicting the hair cut options that were Saturday Night Live worthy! These kids had a blast. Pete made a promise and kept it.


Wednesday Mr. Olsson became the proud recipient of The Friar. A fellow student, Lief Kopperneas proudly shaved the center of Petes head to commensurate attaining their goal of over $200 donated directly to the American Heart Association. What was a head full of hair turned clearly into a heart of gold.


There are many young world changers flip flopping around Beaufort. Take a moment to encourage and support them; they are our near future weird hair cuts and all!



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