BFT Daily Deals are creating quite a buzz

Wouldn’t it be great if you could discover a new way to save every day as soon as you wake up? With BFT Daily Deals you can! When you sign up for free with this web site, you will get an email every morning describing the new Deal of the Day. These deals range from amazing discounts at local restaurants to outrageous savings for services like pet grooming or yoga classes. But the deals are only good for one day, so you have to take advantage of the savings while it lasts.
The savvy women behind this venture, sisters Kim and Elizabeth Harding, know that everyone in this economic climate is looking for ways to save. “We want to make saving money easy and fun, and this is also a way to support local businesses,” said Kim. Elizabeth admitted that her favorite deal so far was $99 for an entire day at Celadon The Spa, a $215 value. “Who doesn’t love a spa day?”
See the super deals you missed last week on page 7, and remember BFT Daily Deals’ mantra: “Deal Today, Done Tomorrow.” Then go directly to to find what all the buzz is about, and start saving instantly.


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