From Our Family to Yours…

By Wendy Pollitzer

The Island News Staff. Back Row from left: Lanier Laney, Terry Sweeney, Kim Harding Gallant, Wendy Pollitzer, April Ackerman, Eric Ackerman, Micah Ortiz. Middle Row: Anna Katherine Gallant, Julia Pollitzer, Abbie Pollitzer. Front Row: Elizabeth Harding, Ashton Byrne (Holding Nathan Byrne), Christina Byrne and Daniel Byrne. Not pictured: Heather Bruner, Pamela Brownstein and Barry Thompson and their families.

This Thanksgiving, The Island News would like to thank many people for making our paper your favorite for local coverage. We are dedicated to the people of Beaufort, and we owe you all a big thanks for helping us each and every week.


First of all, to our many advertisers, thank you. You’ve put trust in our publication to help your businesses grow. Your faith in our readership is appreciated, especially in these tough economic times. We hope to continue to deliver a respected product.

Secondly, to the many folks who submit articles to The Island News, thank you. We strive to keep our weekly paper hyper-local. Without your contributions, we wouldn’t have substantial local coverage. So keep sending me press releases about upcoming events, school activities, sports news and more to

Also, we’d like to thank our regular contributing writers. Each of you has distinct writing styles and varying, knowledge-based material. You keep our paper fresh with creative columns and great information. Keep up the good work!

Lastly, to our readers, we want to thank you sincerely for picking us up at the coffee shop or in the grocery store. We appreciate the compliments and also value your criticism. We want to make this your local paper; so, please tell us what you think.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Kim Gallant and Elizabeth Harding, the publishers of The Island News, for giving me the best job I could ever hope for. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to meet and greet Beaufort on a weekly basis. You two have helped me through a hard year, and it’s nice to know I can call my bosses my friends. Thank you for just being you!

We have almost made it through 2010, notably the most difficult financial year in recent history. We have all struggled at some point this year with difficult decisions. But, we’re making it every day with help from our friends, our families and our faith. We should all be very thankful for each other and proud of ourselves for keeping our chins up. Let’s all remember…this too shall pass. And when it does, we’ll all be a little wiser for it.

Happy Thanksgiving Beaufort, from our family to yours.


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