David Ott Offers Help To the Badges

By Wendy Pollitzer


David Ott, founder of To the Badges explains the rules of the “Turkey Shoot” to kids 10 and under. All the children won turkeys and walked away with big smiles.

Beaufortonians came out by the hundreds to support local law enforcement Sunday at an event that has grown steadily over the years to become a nonprofit, To the Badges, an organization founded by Beaufort County Deputy Coroner, David Ott and his wife, Kitty.



Held at the former O.C. Welch car dealership on Robert Smalls Parkway, the after church picnic featured barbequed chicken, games, face painting, jump castles, a car show and an emergency vehicle display. Ott also organized a popular “turkey shoot” played with darts.


The purpose of To the Badges is to raise funds for local police, EMS and firefighters and their families who are battling illnesses and/or struggling with other tragedies.


“We want to be able to buy an airline ticket or a tank of gas for someone in need looking for a way to pay for expenses associated with a lengthy illness or tragedy,” explains Ott.


The event was staffed with volunteers and families of EMS and law enforcement personnel as well as members from the Beaufort Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lowcountry Lodge 16.


Richard Swilpa, President of the Lowcountry Lodge 16 explained, “Our organization is very proud of the work that David (Ott) has done over many years. We look forward in the future to work with David at functions like this and others. He is a tremendous guy. He puts out for the community in all respects.”







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