Higher Ground Changes Owners

By Wendy Pollitzer



Shelby Bishop, Tim Lovett and Ashley Bishop

Despite the tough economic times, the former owners of Higher Ground, Ashley and Shelby Bishop, are pleased to introduce the store’s new proprietor, Tim Lovett.



Ashley and Shelby Bishop opened Higher Ground in 2004 in the old Greyhound Bus Station on Boundary Street. They built a popular rock climbing wall that they donated to the Wardle Family YMCA when they moved to their present location at 2121 Boundary Street, Suite 101 in Beaufort Town Center in 2006.


Ashley and Shelby are moving to North Carolina, but wanted their successful business to continue to prosper. Tim Lovett, former Manager of the Sportsman’s Shop, enthusiastically bought the outdoors store just in time to prepare for the Holiday season and Paddelfest, a popular Kayak race to be held at Hunting Island on November 6.


To register for Paddlefest, please visit www.highergroundbeaufort.com, or go by Higher Ground and welcome Tim Lovett to the store.


Congratulations to Ashley and Shelby Bishop for maintaining lucrative business sense during this recession.  Beaufort thanks you for keeping your small business open and sends you a fond farewell.

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