The Beaufort Tea Party Hosts Rally

By Wendy Pollitzer

Students from Linda Peter’s Beaufort Montessori School recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, the Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution by memory.

Donald and JoAnne Armstrong

The Beaufort Tea Party hosted their 1st Annual Citizen’s 9/12 Rally on Sunday, September 12, 2010 from 1PM to 3PM at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park Pavilion.

Guest Speakers included: Lenny McAllister – Author of “Diary of a Mad Black P.Y.C. (Pround Young Conservative), Hip Hop Republican & Commentator on CNN & FOX News & Judge Murray M. Silver – Civil Rights Attorney & Author of “Daddy King & Me.”

No Politicians spoke, but many elected officials were present including Mayor Billy Keyserling, County Councilmen Brian Flewelling and Paul Sommerville, City Councilwoman Donnie Beer, School Board Member Jim Bequette, Senator Tom Davis and former SC House Representative Edie Rodgers, who also helped promote the event.

When asked about the Tea Party’s movement, former Rep. Rodgers replied, “I’m glad that people who have never gotten involved are involved now. They have been awakened, because they are unhappy with the direction our country is taking.”

Emcee Paul McCue agreed, “We need to get the United States Marine Core in Washington to protect our US citizens from our own government.”

Beaufort Tea Party Founder, Jim Pennell expressed his concerns to the crowd as well. “A Secular society is doomed for failure. I want people to be able to pray openly at public events without having to consult a lawyer. I believe we can reorient our country to refocus on the values we shared before the 1960’s. The Tea Party can reclaim our country’s traditional values.”

Judge Murray Silver (left) and Emcee Paul McCue holding a sign that Murray made

Perhaps the most outspoken raconteur of the afternoon was Judge Murray Silver. Notable quotes from Judge Silver included, “The Democratic Part is a National Party no more. It is a Socialist Party. Let’s call a spade a spade. If you walk like a Socialist, talk like a Socialist and act like a Socialist, guess what? You’re a Socialist.”

Murray also said, “Barrack Hussein Obama has printed more money and more food stamps than any person in history. We have to elect more conservative candidates this fall. Let’s support those candidates running against Harry Reid from Nevada and Barney Frank fro Massachusetts.”

A couple hundred people attended the Tea Party. Organizers were expecting a larger turnout, but as Rep. Rodgers pointed out, “It’s Sunday, and we’re in the South.”

For further information visit or Email: or call 888-826-9327 Extension 6004.


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