Megan DeBardelaben Awarded the T. Reynolds Robinson Scholarship at Beaufort Academy

Megan DeBardelaben was awarded the 2010 T. Reynolds Robinson scholarship on Friday, September 10th. Reynolds’ parents, Betsey and Clark Robinson, presented the scholarship. Megan’s parents, Debbie and Cedric DeBardelaben, were also in attendance.

The 2010 T. Reynolds Robinson Scholarship recipient is Megan DeBardelaben. The T. Reynolds Robinson scholarship has been awarded annually since 1989 – the year Reynolds died tragically at the young age of 13. Reynolds was a student at Beaufort Academy during his short, but full-of-adventure life. His family, in celebration and remembrance of Reynolds, awards this scholarship.

Recipients must possess many of the qualities that people loved about Reynolds; for example, Reynolds had strong leadership and athletic ability and the respect and friendship of classmates. In addition, the recipient must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 during the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Awarded to a 10th grader, the scholarship offers $1,500 toward the student’s college education.


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