Gamecocks Beat Tigers in Spirited Game

Softball Clubs Engage in Annual Rivalry

By Wendy Pollitzer

The Beaufort County Clemson and Carolina Clubs played their 2nd Annual Softball Game on Saturday at the Beaufort Academy Baseball Field. The Carolina Club beat the Clemson Club 31-9, another blowout for the Lowcountry Gamecocks. Last year, the Carolina Club also beat Clemson 16-4.

The Gamecocks got an early lead with a 13-run rally in the bottom of the 1st inning. From that point, it was difficult for the Tigers to come up with more runs. But, they were definitely a spirited team, bringing their children donned in Orange, cheering C-L-E-M-S-O-N in cadence count and playing the Tiger Rag early in the game.

The ‘Most-Spirited’ award goes to Carolina Gamecock fan and Beaufort Club Treasurer and Secretary, Linda McCarty. Her enthusiasm echoed down the field, as she cheered her team on. McCarty and Gene Darby, President of the Beaufort Clemson Club organized the successful event that brought friendly rivalry to the field and raised scholarship money for area students wishing to attend Clemson or Carolina.

The highlight of the day was in the 4th inning when Matt Phifer of the Gamecock team hit the ball over the fence for a 3-run homer! The team rushed to home plate to high-five and congratulate the heavy hitter.

Trey Ambrose announced the game and added much-needed doses of humor for the Tiger team. And Mark Newberry and Mike Duncan officiated the 7-inning game. Ambrose, Newberry and Duncan were neutral parties who agreed at the beginning not to take sides.  There weren’t any close calls for debate, however. It was an honest-to-goodness massacre!

The Carolina Club consisted of team members: Corey Johnson, Chris Jones, Simons Hane, Jonathan Hutchinson, Matt Phifer, Huntley Duryea, Jeff O’Hare, Trey Nelson, Lorin Seigel, John Marvin Murdaugh, Neal McCarty, Phillip Lynn, Wade Brown, Kim Ackerman and Jim May.

The Clemson Club consisted of team members: Alex Hill, Jim Thomas, Carl Derrick, Blair Williams, Jay Berry, Bud Martin, Abby Mitchell, Scott Lee, Robbie Ferguson, Travis Newton, Ryan Dilsaver, Kirk Taylor, Elizabeth Harding, Kim Harding Gallant and Yours Truly, Wendy Pollitzer.

Thanks to all who participated and came out to play for their respected teams on this balmy August morning. It was a fun and spirited event!


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