Recent Graduates are College Bound

By Wendy Pollitzer

Many kids and teachers head back to school next week, and we’re all anticipating a good scholastic year, maybe a winning football season and rekindled friendships from those we haven’t seen all summer.

And, we’re on the cusp of frequent morning school bus stops and the dreaded three o’clock bumper-to-bumper traffic on Lady’s Island when school lets out.

But we love it! Parents love it, kids love it and teachers, well, let’s hope they love it! I think they do. It’s time to get back on schedule after a fun summer.

While most are going back to the same school, just a different grade, there are those who are about to begin a new chapter and the most important leg of their journey in life: college.

Beaufort is home to many recent high school graduates who are getting prepared for their first year of college. They are nervous, excited and proud. And they should be. They’ve been in the academic womb for 12 years, and now they will soon be delivered to the world of higher education.  They’ll learn self-discipline and accept all scholastic responsibility. And, hopefully (well, for sure) have a little fun along the way.

The Island News caught up with a few of these eager, soon-to-be Freshman and asked where they were going.

Ashten Byrne

Ashten Byrne, a graduate of Beaufort Academy will be attending The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. She will major in History.

Ashten explains, ”I received a 4-year, full tuition Army ROTC Scholarship to the Citadel. I am attending the Citadel because of the discipline, military lifestyle, school tradition, and the Honor System that the school demands of their Cadets. The campus is beautiful and the uniforms are sharp! As a student, you are a member of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, but you have to earn that title, ‘Citadel Cadet’. The Class Ring is an important symbol of achievement, as this is an institution that will change your life forever. I will be pushed mentally and physically beyond my limits and will be tested more than I can imagine. I will make lifelong friends and will know the meaning of teamwork and trust. After graduation I will receive my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army where I hope to go onto flight school to become a Blackhawk pilot, or enter into law enforcement in the Army’s criminal justice system. I have been assigned to the Citadel’s Oscar Company, 4th Battalion, which is also known as “The Zoo Battalion!”

Congratulations to all of you and to the rest of the college bound students in Beaufort County. The elders in Beaufort’s empty nest wish you well in your academic endeavors.  Study hard and have fun!

Send us YOUR Graduate’s photo and info to for next week’s issue.

Others attending college in a few weeks:

Name: Lindsey Ware High School: Beaufort High School, Valedictorian College Attending: Duke University Major: Economics and Political Science, Pre-Law

Name: Michael Chahin High School: Beaufort Academy College: Clemson University Major: Pre-Professional Health Studies

Name: Maria Bartholf High School: Beaufort High School College: University of South Carolina, Beaufort Major: Biology

Name: Emily Wilkes High School: Beaufort Academy College: Davidson College Major: Child Development

Name: Lindsey Caldwell High School: Beaufort High School College: Technical College of the Lowcountry Major: Radiology Tech

Name: Boyang Lin High School: Beaufort Academy College: Pace University Major: Finance

Name: Caroline Carmody High School: Beaufort Academy College: Wofford College Major: Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience

Name: Julie Eckstrom High School: Beaufort Academy College: Carnegie Mellon University Major: Information Systems

Name: Audrey Woodman High School: Beaufort Academy College: Georgia Institute of Technology Major: Polymer and Fiber Engineering

Name: Charlotte Catrina Westcob High School: Beaufort Academy College: College of Charleston Honors College Major: Mass Communications

Name: Mary Elizabeth Mitchell High School: Beaufort Academy College: Winthrop University Major: Graphic Design

Name: Zachary Reace Rentz High School: Beaufort Academy College: Abridge Program at Clemson University Major: Economics


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