Chuck Norris Recognizes Club Karate as School of the Year

Left to right: Mr. Chuck Norris, Mr. Chuck Elias, Mr. Aaron Norris and Mr. Ken Gallacher

Club Karate, owned and operated by 7th degree Chun Kuk Do black belt Chuck Elias, was awarded School of the Year by Grandmaster Chuck Norris at the 2010 International Training Conference and World Championship Tournament (ITC) held in Las Vegas, NV July 18-21.  Club Karate was chosen from 89 schools in Mr. Norris’ organization, the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF), for its quality of instruction, service to the community, and its demonstration of UFAF’s creed of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and respect.

Mr. Norris personally commented on the loyalty and dedication shown by Mr. Elias.  Not only has Mr. Elias produced quality black belts, he also serves as the ITC Tournament Director, which involves coordinating everything involved with running a tournament for almost 200 competitors of all ages and ranks, as a member of UFAF’s Advisory Board, and as UFAF’s chair of Region 7, where he with a testing board, is responsible for promoting students to up to 4 degrees of black belt.

Mr. Norris also presented Club Karate’s Astrid Fabian, with the Female Competitor of the Year award which is based on the results of the 2009 World Championship Tournament where, after winning  all three of her divisions for kata, weapons kata and sparring, she won the Norris Cup for female sparring.

This year, Ms. Fabian again placed 1st all three of her divisions, and was the 1st runner up in grand championship sparring.  Ms. Fabian, a 4th degree black belt who has been training with Mr. Elias for more than 10 years, directs the beginner adult program, and the advanced kids program at Club Karate.

Club Karate offers programs for all ages starting at age 4, and is located on the Food Lion Plaza on Lady’s Island.

For information:,, 843-524-8308.


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