African Spur-Thigh Tortoise Visits Campers

By Wendy Pollitzer

Children at the Yoga Nature Camp at Dancing Dogs Yoga got a rare treat Friday on their last day of camp.  Kathryn Madden, Yoga teacher and Master Naturalist brought an 80 lb. African spur-thigh tortoise, named Mr. T to the green behind the Yoga studio at Beaufort Town Center. The tortoise was rescued and is a ‘spokes-animal’ for educating the public on exotic pet responsibilities.

Children at the camp learned skills to mindfully connect with themselves and the natural world around them. Certified kids’ yoga instructor, Cheryl Janecka, who is also a Master Naturalist, led the camp.

The Master Naturalist program is a 12-session course designed to educate people about the environment of the Lowcountry, and of South Carolina. Sponsored by the Lowcountry Institute at Spring Island, the training is part of a statewide Master Naturalist program offered by Clemson University. For more information on the Master Naturalist program, visit

Dancing Dogs Yoga will be offering another Yoga Nature Camp July 26th-30th, from 1pm-4pm daily. If interested in enrolling your 5-10-year-old, contact Cheryl at (843) 271-2686 or email her at You can also visit the studio online at

As a fellow Master Naturalist and mother of a 5 and 7-year-old, I will definitely be enrolling my children in this terrific camp. Not only will they learn healthy eating habits and relaxation techniques to use for a lifetime, but they’ll also learn to discover and be aware of the natural landscape around them.  It’s a win for my kids and the environment!


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