6 Year-Old Raises $1,760 for Wounded Veterans

By Wendy Pollitzer

Jack Carter Worrell III is 6-years-old and will be in the 1st grade at Beaufort Academy. He’s also the youngest philanthropist I know in Beaufort.

Jack Carter, son of Courtney and Jack Worrell of Lady’s Island, just hosted Lemonade for Heroes from which 100% of funds collected were donated to the Independence Fund to assist with Lt. Dan Weekend, October 1 and 2, 2010.

The mission of the Independence Fund is to provide veterans who have been severely injured during the Global War on Terrorism with the tools, therapies and guidance they are otherwise not receiving. These items include things such as a $25,000 robotic wheelchair, $4,000 specialized cycles and unfunded physical therapy equipment.

This October, The Independence Fund, in conjunction with Main Street Beaufort, USA and the 16th Annual Beaufort Shrimp Festival, will host well-known entertainer and supporter of the troops, Gary Sinise, when he leads the Lt. Dan Band in a concert for the troops. The general public is invited and encouraged to attend as well. The concert is FREE for everyone. This will be actor’s first return trip to the Lowcountry since filming his memorable role in the 1994 hit movie, “Forrest Gump”.

The Worrell’s first learned about the Independence Fund and the upcoming Lt. Dan Weekend at the Shrimp Festival when they bought one of the cause wristbands at their hair salon (Michael’s).

Beaufort Academy had done several fundraisers for the Little Red Dog Foundation, so Jack Carter related to the concept of working to provide mobility for these wounded veterans.

A few weeks ago, he asked his mom if he could do a lemonade stand. She said yes and asked him what he wanted to do with the money.

Worrell explained, “I was fully expecting him to say he wanted to use the money to buy a pocket knife, what he wants more than anything right now or something related to Man vs. Wild, his favorite show; but, he said ‘Let’s give it to those hurt soldiers, Mommy’. I was very pleasantly surprised.  So, the next day, I e-mailed the Independence Fund to ensure it was OK if we used their name when selling lemonade.”

Steven Danyluk, the founder of the Independence Fund and a local Marine, got back to Worrell right away and was enthusiastic from the start.  He provided shirts and wristbands to sell with lemonade.

Steve’s enthusiasm trickled to Jack Carter, who then decided he wanted to actually build the stand.  They went to Grayco and got started.  Worrell explained, “It ended up being a homemade American flag wooden table skirt rather than the fully mobile 4-sided cart that I think Jack Carter envisioned, but it was fun nonetheless.”

Jack Carter first took his stand to Fripp Island for the Fourth of July Celebration. With the help of friend, Teddy Jones, Jack Carter raised $320.  Jack Carter admitted during his venture, “Helping is really fun, Mom.”

Last week, Courtney’s mom was scheduled to come into town for a long weekend.  Jack Carter wanted to hold his lemonade stand Thursday night so Grandma could see him in action.  Courtney e-mailed a notice to her neighborhood, hoping to generate a little interest.

Well, Martha Bateman had the foresight to forward the e-mail to Shannon Erickson.  Shannon single-handedly took the stand to another level.  Her involvement was instrumental to Thursday’s night’s success.  Shannon forwarded the e-mail to her e-mail list, as well as posted it in on her Facebook page.  She and her husband, Kendall graciously agreed to match whatever Jack Carter raised.

The response was awesome.  Thursday night Jack Carter raised $630!  The Worrell’s neighbor, Charlotte Freemen (age 5), helped Jack Carter.  The kids were even greeted by surprise visitor, Congressman Joe Wilson!

And, the response continues.  The Worrell’s had several neighbors drop by donations over the weekend, and Jack Carter has received a few cards from local veterans letting him know they are making a donation to the Independence Fund.

Courtney Worrell enthusiastically said, “We are not a military family, but we do believe in doing everything we can to support the men and women, and their families, who so bravely and selflessly serve our country.  Trying to help in some small way is the least we can do.  And, the overwhelming response Jack Carter’s lemonade stand has received from the Beaufort community has been tremendous.  To me, it represents what makes Beaufort such a special place and why we are so glad to call it our home.”

So, to date, Jack Carter has raised $1,760. He plans to do it again, possibly at different locations.  He’s already brainstorming what else he could “sell” that would raise more money.  Stay tuned!

Thanks you Jack Carter for your genuine interest in helping our Veterans.  Hopefully your charitable zeal will be contagious. We should all take note of your generosity.

More information is available at www.ltdanweekend.com if you’d like to see the actor and participate in the Independence Fund.


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  1. Thank you, Jack, for making it possible for veterans, like Alan “Doc” Babin, to attend the event! You are a true Patriot.

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