Dataw Island Residents Teach Beaufort Area Kids How to Fish

Captain Lanny Kraus, a local fishing captain wants kids hooked on fishing and he is doing his part to make that happen at the 4th Annual Dee Smith Memorial Fishing Day Held Monday, June 21st.

“Kids today are living in an urban prism –they have no knowledge of nature.  Sometimes Mickey Mouse is among the only animals they know. If I can get a kid to catch his or her first fish – they may be fishing for the rest of his or her life,” Captain Kraus said.

Kraus, a Dataw Island resident and a retired veterinarian and professor at the University of Rochester, teamed with the Dataw Island Yacht Club to sponsor a day for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Beaufort.

Together they formed the Dee Smith Memorial Fishing Day.  Dee Smith was a former president of Board of Directors for the Beaufort Boys & Girls Club. Smith, a Dataw Island resident, died in 2008.  Dee’s husband, Jerry, attends the event every year.

The kids fished from about 9: 30 a.m. to about 11: 30 a.m. on Monday. The Dataw Island residents also served them lunch at the Yacht Club.

Each child received a spinning rod and reel to take home after the event thanks to the Beaufort Boat & Dock Supply and the Dataw Island Yacht Club.


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