Practitioners of The Wellness School

The Island News would like to correct errors made in last week’s Profile of The Wellness School. Below are photos and descriptions of each of the Practitioners at The Wellness School, founded by Allen and Carrie Freeman. We apologize for the mistakes.

Dr. Joe Hickey: Internal Medicine, Heavy Metal Detox, Chelation

Dr. Ray Delgado and his Staff: Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness

Heather Howell: Master Aromatherapist, Director of Alliance of Aromatherapists

Lisa Athena Barone: Hypnosis and Meditation

Louise Hodges: Environmentalist and Holistic Landscaping

Martha O’Regan: Integrative Health, B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Mary Michael Hanbury: Yoga, Guided Imagery

Tracie Korol: Canine Behavior Expert, Holistic Pet Care

Vivian Quattlebaum: Reiki Master, Meditation

Carrie Freeman: Founder of The Wellness School, Life Coach, Lil' Chef by the Sea


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