Low Country School of Performing Arts Students Perform in The Wizard of Oz

By Wendy Pollitzer

June 10, 2010

Performers followed the yellow brick road to success Saturday afternoon as 150 students danced, sang and played piano to tunes inspired by the Frank Baum story, The Wizard of Oz at the Beaufort High School Auditorium.

The 400 tickets to the event sold out in less than one hour, said Deanna Kraszewski, founder and artistic director at the Low Country School of Performing Arts.

Kraszewski choreographed the show with Erin Hancock and Megan Howe, with music direction by Kristen Hill. Kraszewski studied Drama and Dance at Hofstra University in New York. She has worked in the Connecticut, New York, North and South Carolina areas as a performer, choreographer and director.

The show was comprised of dance numbers featuring ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and creative movement by students ranging in age from toddlers to mid-twenties.  Also performing were Lillian and Mary Claire Sumner as vocalists and pianists. In addition, Akasha Nelson, Siera Schweitzer, Ella Danyluk, Jenna Dean, Abigail Freeman, Peyton Polk and Gracie Gecy sang selections throughout the performance.

The Cast of The Wizard of Oz included: Nonie Yeager, Gracie Gecy, Morgan Waters, Mary Margaret Achurch, Erin Filler, Celene Lampright, Emily Gault, Walker Newman, Lili Walker, Akasha Nelson and Siera Schweitzer.

Dancers were: Iris Baches, Briana Hammill, Sophie Hayward, Darby Kinsey, Adriana Lang, Mackensie Lemon, Maggie Mashke, Reese Myers, Kate Twitty, Erin Hancock, Megan Howe, Meghan Alvarez, Brycen Ambrose, Abigail Baise, Kate Bendle, Charlotte Denardo, Emma Grace Dinkins, Luci Dodge, Lilly Grace Fitzgerald, Ruthie Floyd, Charlotte Freeman, Ella Hayward, Lydia Klepper, Walker Newman, Cypress Daniels, Caley Fitzgerald, Julia Mellinger, Tallie Pendarvis, Mary Virginia Ruff, Claire Tumlin, Betsy Webber, Amelia Burrus, Olivia Dinkins, Caylin Gecy, Taylor Johnson, Nora O’Brien, Ambrose Reichel, Charlotte Blair Scarpa, Haley Blackston, Lilly Browdie, Natalie Doig, Caroline Ferguson, Anna Kate Jones, Rebecca Simmons, Bryar Twitty, Lucy Aydlette, Caroline Lampright, Lauren Lemon, Olivia Lovett, Corinne Mullen, Chloe Nickles, Peyton Polk, Keating Reichel, Savannah Watson, Izzy Yeager, Elizabeth Foster, Kate Harper, Emma Johnson, Hunter Kerney, Katherine Taylor, Tency Lynn, Sophia Martin, Caroline Patterson, Ledare Pingree, Olivia Williams, Owen Danyluk, Caitlin McGuire, Maddie Nelson, Addison Royal, Grace Simmons, Ava Weed, Sarah Blocker, Gina Dukes, Abigail Freeman, Lane Harrell, Merrit Kerney, Jennings Tumlin, Emma Aydlette, Zoe Becker, Mills Black, Callie Blocker, Maya Dixon, Kristin Floyd, Carylise O’Herron, Frances Stowe, Mary Prichard Yeager, Macky Browdie, Grace Estes, Lizzy Floyd, Caroline Marek, Asia Moreno, Ansleigh Pingree, Grace Trask, Briana Binyard, Gracie Cunningham, Ella Danyluk, Jenna Dean, Sydney Denardo, Gracie Gecy, Kaya Gyening, Amelia Huebel, Kayla Johnson, Hanna Leinhop, Taylor Parker, Camille Pendarvis, Abbie Pollitzer, Julia Williams, Tiffany Williams and Hope Gray.

Kraszewski summed up the weekend by saying, “It is a wonderful feeling as a teacher to sit in through a rehearsal and see the smile of success on each person’s face when they accomplish something they thought was impossible. Whether the students are 5 or 45, there is nothing better than seeing their smile and knowing that in some way, they have been touched by the beauty of the arts.”

Congratulations to all the performers, directors, faculty, production staff and assistants for a job well done. Bravo!


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