David Bromstad, Host of Color Splash will be at Grayco on Saturday

By Wendy Pollitzer

HGTV Design Star winner and ‘Color Splash’ host David Bromstad will be in Beaufort, South Carolina on Saturday, May 15. Bromstad will answer questions and provide tips for all of your decorating needs.

I spoke with David recently and we discussed his upcoming visit. What a personable and energetic guy! I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to meeting him in person!

WP: How busy have you been lately?

DB: Busy! We’re doing 1 makeover per week, which can be demanding; truth is though, I love it! I love the speed and quick turn around. I enjoy the time constraint!

WP: So you like your job?

DB: I love my job! I get to be creative on a daily basis. It’s amazing and incredible; and you know what? I have a job, which is all I can ask for these days!

WP: But you were a painter first, right? Then you became an interior designer?

DB: That’s right. I’m an artist first. I went to the Ringling School of Art and design in Sarasota, FL.  Working with interiors was a natural progression. It wasn’t exactly in my plan after school. But I entered the Design Star and won; so now I’m designing adult spaces and loving it. (David previously designed fantasy bedrooms for kids).

WP: Have you ever been to Beaufort?

DB: Unfortunately no, I’ve never been to the Lowcountry. But I have been to Atlanta. Is that close?

WP: Sort-of, if you consider 5 hours close. We have many people with second homes in this area. Do vacation homes tend to attract certain colors?

DB: Absolutely! A second home is an opportunity to do something exciting. A family buys the home for a reason, to relax. Depending on the family and where their vacation home is (mountains or beach), the family can choose a theme and go with it. Beach houses are especially fun to decorate.

WP: Well you live in Miami; I imagine your home is full of vibrant, bold colors. Is that correct?

DB: Oh I love Miami! It is such a fun town. But actually I decorated my house with lots of black and white, white and gray contrasts. I also collect old pieces. The woods contrast with the black and white. It’s sort-of Alice in Wonderland.

WP: So do you have time to work on your own home often?

DB: Not really, but I am painting a room right now. My mom and 2 sisters are coming this weekend for Mother’s Day. They came to Miami 5 years ago, and we all had a blast! I’m really looking forward to it. So, I’m getting the house ready for their visit. Otherwise, I don’t really have extra time.

WP: Tell me about Color Splash’s new season.

DB: The new season will air in July. We have 12 episodes and we picked up another season. I’m very thrilled! I have 2 design assistants who I love, Patricia and Gina and a crew of amazing designers. We have an incredible glass blower, a gifted carpenter and a family of upholsterers who construct quality heirloom pieces. All of these designers have wonderful, positive attitudes. They love their craft and like to collaborate. I can’t ask for a better crew!

WP: Can you give me a quick tip about interior design?

DB: You can’t plagiarize a home. If you like something, copy it! You can still be original. Design is inspired by eras. Don’t be afraid to create a combination of crazy and originality.

WP: So if I like something I see, I copy it?

DB: Sure! You can still profess your personality. I mean, that’s how I learned to draw and paint. I copied lines and brushstrokes. Other works inspired me. All this being said, you must always respect the professional.

WP: How often do you visit hardware stores and such to promote Mythic Paint?

DB: Not often, only about 6-8 times per year. But I love to promote this brand. It’s chic, but affordable. I really believe it’s the best product on the market. It’s an amazing brand of paint, and I’m glad Grayco is carrying it.

WP: Well thank you David for your time. I understand how busy you are and it was a delight to talk to you.

DB: And you as well. I look forward to seeing you in Beaufort.

If you’re interested in participating in David’s workshops at Grayco, you may call 521-8060 and schedule your session. There will be two, at 11:30am and 1:30pm on Saturday, May 15.


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