Rachel Loomis Wins Mommy Makeover Contest!

Rachel Loomis

Congratulations to Rachel Loomis, the winner of The Island News’ Mommy Makeover Contest! Rachel will receive a hair cut and Rachel Loomis color, make-up, an outfit, a manicure and professional teeth whitening. Rachel was nominated by her husband, Brian Loomis. Please read the description of his wonderful wife below. Harper Bowers Higgins was a close second in the contest, and she will receive a massage.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the deserving mothers in Beaufort from the staff at The Island News!

Entry for Rachel Loomis Submitted by her Husband, Brian Loomis

Motherhood is likely the most underrated, under paid, full time job that exists.  Once you become a mother, it is what will be and what will define you for the rest of your lifetime.  My wife Rachel is the mother of six, which means that her on duty, 80 hour per week motherhood job seems more like 800 hours.  Ranging in ages from 20 down to 1 ½, the demands from the kids are never ending.   Adviser, housekeeper, sheriff, cook, financial manager, caregiver, entrepreneur, nurse, fashion consultant, judge, artist, taxi driver, and teacher are just a few of the many hats that she wears while performing her role as mom.  She is up and moving before 7am and does not sit back down again until 10:30 pm.  Upon taking care of the needs of all of those around her, she still tries to even accomplish a thing or two outside of “mommy duties” to make her feel like a productive part of society.  How she keeps her sanity is really unknown.  She has selflessly given to the little ones for the past 20 years and rarely takes the time to put a little back into herself.  She has said countless times that she would never, ever give up one moment of being a mom, but would just like to not look so much like a mom!   A complete makeover would force her to take the time for herself, and provide her the opportunity of a motherhood.    Is Rachel more deserving of this makeover than any of the other mom’s out there? Most would likely say, “No that is just part of being a mom”,  but the answer from six kids and one husband is a resounding “YES,  she is the most deserving mom on Earth”.   Happy Mother’s Day to my Rachel and all of the other mothers out there.


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