Beaufort Hosts Classic Boat Rally

By Frank Pontious

Roy Crocker wins the race (between the orange balls) on Wed., March 31, near Windmill Harbor, Hilton Head.

The Classic Boat Rally ended with a beautiful sailing day on Thursday, March 31.    The boats finished the round trip adventure cruise with embedded races from Beaufort to Hilton Head to Savannah and back with a 10-12 mph seabreeze and a sunny 80 degree temperature.   This was a far cry from last Sunday’s (March 28) first day in Beaufort with windy and rainy conditions.  With only three groundings, two broken engines, a ferocious tide due to the full moon and light to medium breezes, the rally was considered a great success by the participants.

Winning the event was Roy Crocker from Dataw Island in his Marshall 22 (22’) catboat with various crews during the trip: Carol Crocker (Dataw), Marvin Day (Dataw) and George Dewhirst (Beaufort).

Second place went to Andy Corriveau from Beaufort also with a catboat, a Marshall 18 (18’), with his assortment of crews: Dan Patrick and Peter Sharratt from Hilton Head and Drew Corriveau and his college mates from Charleston.

Third place went to Chuck Carmichael and Herb Davis from Hardyville, VA in a Cape Dory Typhoon (19’).

Finishing fourth was Butch Damon from St. Stephens, SC and Bruce Brown, Miami with their Mariner 19 (19’).

Fifth place went to Sam “Woody”  Norwood (Atlanta and Beaufort) in his 16’ Compac 16, with crews Bill Tumlin (Atlanta) and JD Shiver (Athens, GA).

And sixth was John McIntosh and David Stith from Lexington, KY with the largest boat in the fleet, a Bristol 24 (24’).

The event concluded with a great roast beef dinner put on by the Cat Island Grill and Pub (previously Bristish Open Pub) with suitable awards to the participants.  Besides the racing trophies awarded to the above there were three special awards:

Most Helpful went to David Dixon, Assistant Manager of the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club, for his considerable help in the initial days of the rally, helping everyone to prepare and launch their boats.

The Bunky Helfrich Most Positive Spirit award went to Butch Damon of St. Stephens, SC for his positive outlook overcoming diversity during the trip, from a grounding in Fields Cut to a malfunctioning engine in the Savannah River.

The final award, The Crab Pot Award, is awarded to those navigationally challenged and was given to John McIntosh for his grounding in the approach to the Windmill Harbor lock.  This is, of course, a humorous award and John took it in his usual good nature, as he has in the past.


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