Dazzling Debutants and Distinguished Gentlemen Celebrate Graduation

Fifteen 10-11 year olds from St. Helena Elementary School celebrated their graduation from the Dazzling Debutants and Distinguished Gentlemen Program March 25. The event was marked by a luncheon at Gullah Grub, where students displayed their table manners and restaurant etiquette. St. Helena’s Principal Kay Keeler and Asst. Principal Marvelle Ulmer joined the group for the lunch.

The lunch was the final step in the 6-session program that taught techniques in showing respect for self and others, friendship, conflict resolution, public speaking, self-confidence, and manners. Each student received a graduation certificate.

Beth Young, volunteer character education consultant for DESTINY (Doing Everything Successfully to Inspire a New You), has taught the course that she developed for 8 years at various area locations and has several upcoming sessions scheduled for the Academy for Career Excellence.

Assistant Peg Schlichtemeier commented:  “A wonderful display of manners was shown by these children. A young gentleman even assisted me at the door and when I was seated. They’ve learned so much since the first session.”

You can contact Beth at 252-6467 for more information.


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