Standout BHS Seniors Recognized for Academic Achievement

by Lindsey Ware

BHS Senior

Mar. 18, 2010

Nine seniors from Beaufort High School have recently been designated Senior Scholars, students who have achieved all A’s and B’s and at least a 3.5 Grade point average throughout their entire high school careers.  Lindsey Ware, Becca Tkach, Haynes Werner, Ashley Zapp, Luke Norton, Jordan Graham, Sasha Stedronsky, Sloane Wiggers, and Connor Murphy have all achieved this honor and were recognized by the Beaufort County School District alongside seniors from Battery Creek High School, Hilton Head High School, and Bluffton High School at a Senior Scholars Banquet on March 11th in Bluffton.

“It feels really good to know that all of our hard work isn’t going unnoticed. I think that this banquet was a good way to meet other successful students from the other high schools as well as to celebrate what we’ve all accomplished these past four years,” senior Haynes Werner said.

The Senior Scholars banquet was the first of its kind, as the school district focused on recognizing the accomplishments of outstanding district seniors. The banquet took place at Hampton Hall at 6:30 on March 11 and consisted of a three-course meal, slideshow of all of the seniors, and an awards ceremony. Senior Scholars received medals for their accomplishments, which they will be able to wear during graduation ceremonies, and plaques to commemorate their accomplishments in high school.

“It’s all about perseverance in school,” senior Sloane Wiggers said. “Students like us aren’t recognized enough, and we usually don’t get the credit we deserve for all the efforts we put in to making our high schools and ourselves successful. This banquet is important because it shows us and other students in the community that hard work and academic success are rewarded and do pay off in the long run.”

The students listed above are all in the top fifteen of this year’s graduating class at Beaufort High School, with some grade point averages surpassing 5.0. Not only do these seniors represent the school’s academic elite, but they also represent involvement in numerous sports and clubs throughout the community that range from the National Honor Society to the golf team to the drama production group.

“Personally, I’ve been involved with the basketball team, soccer team, volleyball team, cross country team, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and National Honor Society. It’s tough to balance it all, but I think that it’s our diversity in involvement combined with our ability to achieve academic success that really makes us a commendable group of seniors,” senior Becca Tkach said.

This group of seniors is destined for success after high school, with college acceptance letters and scholarship awards still arriving. Lindsey Ware will attend Duke University, Becca Tkach and Sloane Wiggers will attend Clemson University, Ashley Zapp will attend the University of South Carolina, and Sasha Stedronsky, Luke Norton, Connor Murphy, Jordan Graham, and Haynes Werner are still undecided.

As far as the future holds, senior Jordan Graham said, “I’m extremely excited for graduation. I know that I will miss some aspects of Beaufort High School and the town, but at the same time I know that my life in the ‘real world’ is really beginning now. Everything that I have worked for and all of my goals, like going to college, are becoming realities.”


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