Whose Side is Valerie Truesdale on?

Whose Side is Valerie Truesdale on? 2-27-2010

Riverview Charter School parents and administrators are in an uproar after the most recent discovery that the board of education in Beaufort County reported data about racial composition of the student population inaccurately. This could cause the charter school to possibly lose it’s public funding and ultimately close it’s doors.

Parents are concerned that Superintendent Valerie Truesdale could be undermining the school in an effort to force parents to send their children to traditional public schools here in Beaufort County. Investigations are expected to follow. Please see the following letter that parents have organized to send to the board:

Dear Beaufort County School Board:
As citizens of Beaufort County, we are concerned about the recent inaccuracies in the School District’s reports regarding racial composition of the student population.  As we are now well-aware, the recent data correction released by the District regarding the actual diversity numbers of children in the County helps Riverview meet our directive by OCR.   While we, the parents, are extremely relieved to have discovered and corrected this mistake in the eleventh hour, the previous misrepresentation of data by the District had the very real potential to force Riverview Charter School to close after this school year,  which would have displaced hundreds of students, disappointed hundreds more potential students and placed over 30 teachers and staff out of work.

Beaufort County taxpayers have the right to know how and why the data was misrepresented for the past several months, why cross-checks were not in place to be certain these critical numbers were accurate and what safe-guards will be established to ensure this does not happen again.
We understand that the Board of Education is responsible for the actions of the District office and for investigating such incidents.  We assert that, in this case, the potential misrepresentations are at a level of severity as to require an independent investigation.  Considering the contentiousness state of affairs concerning Riverview; the involvement of taxpayer dollars, the possibility of malfeasance and the real potential for harm – this is exactly the type of situation that calls for an immediate, independent investigation.

As such, the parents of Riverview students are requesting an immediate, independent investigation into the discrepancies in the District’s data and possible improprieties.  By doing so, you continue to do the job that the citizens elected you to do: place the interests of our children first. For this, we thank you.


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