Local 8th graders named Junior Scholars

Across Beaufort County’s public schools, 127 eighth grade students have been named Junior Scholars by the South Carolina Junior Scholars Program of the South Carolina Department of Education.

The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into special programs.  The program includes a process for screening, identifying and recognizing those students with exceptionally high scholastic achievement and intellectual ability.

Eligible students include those who score 50 or higher on the PSAT in verbal, math, or writing or those who participated in Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) during their seventh-grade year, who met the eligibility requirements as outlined by that program, and were identified and recognized by Duke TIP.

Students who qualify as Junior Scholars are recognized in many ways. They receive an award of merit from the State Department of Education as well as information regarding summer academic experiences sponsored by South Carolina colleges and universities; and they can use this special recognition in applying to post-secondary institutions.  Students and parents are also honored at an annual Junior Scholars Banquet sponsored by the Beaufort County School District in the Spring.

Beaufort County Junior Scholars from local schools include:

Lady’s Island Middle Junior Scholars (11)

Devan Bowersox

Ciaran Cordial

Jasmine Drake

Joshua Fickes

Quinn Gross

Taylor Jones

Daniel Lange

McKenna Murrie

Hunter Pylant

Meleah Saye

Abigale Shelby

Beaufort Middle School Junior Scholars (35)

Adkins, Zoe

Balmediano, Josh Patricia

Boulon, Jonathan

Boulware, Kaitlyn

Christensen, Sara-Jo

Clark, Molly

Connelly, Timothy

Correll, Jessica

Courtney, Shannon

Durbin, Olivia

Jenkins, Megan

Kilpatrick, Reilly

Lentz, Brian

Lynn, Chelsea

Lynn, Marissa

Maynard, Gabrielle

McKenzie, Brady

Mickel, Stephen

Miller, Jonah


Morris, Shelby

Mullen, Justice

Nestler, Mitchell

Norton, Jessa

O’Hara, Brandon

Osborne, Christian

Rider, James

Rogerson, Kaitlin

Rowell, Kristen

Scott, Ashley

Taylor, Olivia

Townsend, Lucas

Vaigneur, William

Webber, Ian

Witt, Erin

Robert Smalls Middle School Junior Scholars (8)

Eric Barbosa

Chris Daigle

Brandon Dryden

Jacob Henry

Alexis Myers

Kale Slade

Nicholas Western

Raven Wills

Whale Branch Middle School Junior Scholars (4)

Rasheed Dais

Jaleeza Franklin

Dennis Ranahan

Ayshia White


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