Christmas cheer at River Oaks

Five Lady’s Island families decided to share some Christmas cheer with River Oaks Assisted Living residents on Christmas Eve.

“We thought it would be nice to bring families together on Christmas and share some of the excitement with the seniors who may not have family to share the season,” said coordinator Debbie Dabney.

Kat Sutcliffe put together 35 rosebud arrangements in vases which were handed out by the elves after a Christmas Eve cafeteria lunch. After three rehearsals, the elves performed a skit, singing and dancing to “Santa Clause is coming to Town.” The Grinch appeared with his theme song and tried to steal Christmas. Santa had the elves wrap the Grinch like a tight present with garlands and lead him down the hall where residents participated by singing along and dancing.  A good time was had by all (except the Grinch)!

The photo shows Tom Dabney as Santa, Jerry Sutcliffe – Grinch, Barbara Sutcliffe – Ms. Clause, Debbie Dabney, Dawn Higgins, Taylor Higgins, Tara Dawn Higgins, Helen Collier,

Amanda Sutcliffe, Allison Sutcliffe, Kat Sutcliffe, Sully Sullivan, Emmy Sullivan, Samantha Sullivan, Jill Griswal and Tony Greco — elves.


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