Mayor kisses a pig for diabetes, but the pig fought back!

To get the full effect of Mayor Billy Keyserling kissing Hamlet the pig for diabetes, you must watch this highly entertaining 4 minute video all the way through! Even though Hamlet fought as hard as she could, Keyserling managed to pull off a few kisses, and raise over $20,000 for the cause.

Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling lost 40 pounds, raised about $20,000 and for all that success got to kiss a pig…

As a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association, Keyserling lost the weight over 10 weeks and collected pledges valued at $20,000 from some 300 people, he said. As he met with people, he shared information about the risks of diabetes, common symptoms, and how to keep off the extra weight can help prevent or control diabetes.


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